Do You Have A Warrant?

  • Were you Late for Court?
  • Did you Forgot to make a Court Date on that Ticket?
  • You May have a Warrant!
  • Don't wait for the Law to come Knocking on your door.
  • Getting Arrested in front of your family or on your way to work can be embarrassing.
  • Call A1 Rapid Release Bail Bonds today for the details.
  • We are the best Bail Bonds In Tampa FL


  • If you have a Warrant... we can save you the embarrassment by doing a "walk through"
  • A walk through takes between 30 minutes and 2 hours.
  • (the time depends on how many people are ahead of you)
  • It is the Fastest, Simplest way to handle that warrant.
  • In addition, there are No handcuffs.
  • No confinement and a Friend can sit with you while you wait.
  • Have a question call: 813-702-9991